God is joking with me

God is joking with me. So many times I am dropped in a kind of situation that I can’t avoid, but going through it, walkin down the path that has been drawn for me, and finally laughing bitterly. What a strange sense of humor. What lesson that I shall learn? It seems that I haven’t pass the exam yet; I have to undergo the same lesson again and again. If only I could ask God what it all means….But God is a great joker. For a true joker, there’s no fun in giving explicit answer to a joke, right?



  1. Pu…
    Ternyata ada “life reformation” di hari2 lo yg sekarang….like it dude !!!
    Tulisan2nya…hmmmm….serasa’ baca Ciklit…..hi…hi….
    Anyway, Hope all bezt thingz be yourz !!!

  2. dear mba yaya….
    wuiiii……seneng baca tulisan2nya…

    kalo menurut kami (w ma kekasihku) kala Allah itu MAHA JAHIL….


    p.s. daku suaneng banget ma perubahan2 dari mba yaya belakangan ini. keep smile and enjoy the life ya….

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