moment of truth part 2

That moment was a sudden turning point for me. For some tenths of second time just stopped…everything was frozen….and I felt like being photographed with a very bright flashlight…I felt like I was shown a rapid flashback of my life rolled before my eyes and I felt that I was awakened from a half-dream state that had occupied me all this time.

All of a sudden everything became crystal clear. It was like a veil was just being taken away so that I can see things in a totally different point of view. The same phenomena but this time they had different meaning. And what I can say was just ‘w-o-w’….what have I been into?

That very moment, I felt for the first time in the last couple of months that I am a free individual. I was not jailed by my past time and not burdened with the future. That very moment I felt a true freedom…a ready-to-let-go-anything-anyone kind of feeling. And I’m through, just like that…

As I walked out of that place that night I felt like walking on the moon…smiling a different smile. And unusually, my friend sent me a text –maybe both of us have a kind of remote connection heheheh– just in time for me to share this sound-like-crazy experience. The reply was ‘weird…but it might be good for you’. Just a perfect reply.

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