there’s only one god, yes?

When talking about people close to our heart, we always want the best for them and also the best things happen to them. At the end of our life journey we will be back to the first place we came from, God. And there’s only one God, I believe, otherwise the universe won’t be like what we experience today. If we believe there’s only one God and anything that the God believers do is in search of God’s blessings why then we are afraid of different choice our beloved people take? Why are we afraid that it is not the best for them? What do we know about the best thing? About the truth?

Going back to my longing-for-answer question, who holds the authority of the truth? In this life journey we are all travellers, yes? And in the whole journey we are in quest of the truth, yes? At this time we have faith in "the truth" that we have understood so far, either it is given or from our own process of searching for it. But  we must not stop searching, yes? What if we consider the different choice they’ve taken as part of the process of searching for the truth? Can we live with that reason? No?

Why is it always so difficult to make up our mind or to take side when it comes to the people close to our heart?


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