smooth landing

In general, it was a smooth landing, although it was a bit bumpy at the beginning when it hit the ground. A little bit surprising though….maybe the spirit of Ramadhan has played the buffering role and made the gravity less functioning ;p

Remember watching Animal Planet channel this afternoon. There was a story about the peregrine falcon against its prey, the pigeon. It was shown how the peregrine falcon, having leverage of being larger, stronger and faster, could not beat the pigeon –the seemingly weak kind of bird. It was shown how the pigeon –lacking of flying speed– could avoid its predator from taking hold of it by doing a perfect outmaneuvered. It was able to do it because it plays it cool, smart and fully in control. And that…was a very good lesson of the day.

So next time you fly, fly like the pigeon –-cool, smart and fully in control. In addition, wear a parachute…in case the wind up there is just too hard to resist, and the spirit of Ramadhan is no longer there to help you ;p


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