dr. jekyll and mr. hyde

There are two aspects within every person –the good and the evil– since the time he/she was born. Later on, life experiences, society where you live in and many other external factors form you into someone in which one of those aspects become dominant. Either you become a good or an evil. Can’t have both. Stamped as the good means you can not afford to be the evil without having the risks of being left behind, hated, alienated. That’s difficult situation as the evil side will always try to find ways to exist. What’s the solution then? You create an alter-ego, another identity that can’t be related with the real you. As your alter-ego, your evil side can be accomodated to show, to exist. And you as the good can maintain the stamp without having to worry about those mentioned risks.

That’s a complicated-version analysis.

Let’s take a look at the simpler one. Imagine this stuation. You want to know things about someone. If you convey that, you are not sure whether this someone will angry at you, yell at you, slap your face and leave you, or just smile, or laugh, or even give you a hug. You are not sure what this someone think about you. What kind of image of you is in someone’s mind? Is it the good or the evil? If its’ the good, will your questions or actions turn your image into the evil? You are not sure. One thing, you can not afford the risk of being left behind, or simply you just can not afford the risk of hurting this someone. Then what would you do? You create an anonimous, mysterious person. Coming out of the blue, you –in anonimity– greet this someone and dig the inquiries you want to know without having to worry about hurting or worry about all assumptions you have in your mind.

Now tell me, which one are you?


1 Comment

  1. Maksudnya ??? Berkepribadian ganda yaaa…???
    Sapa sich pu, orang yang kau maksud itu ??
    Lucu juga kalo bisa berteman dengannya ???

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