wrong question, wrong answer

What matter most is to pose a right question. And it feels like you come to a dead end when you don’t even know what to ask. Have you ever experienced the time when so many questions weigh your mind but you don’t know  what to ask?  I remember once in college a senior lecturer asked back my fellow student, "..have you asked the right question?" instead of answering his question to her. And after that moment nobody…I repeat, nobody in my class ever asked question again to the lecturer for the whole semester. And in a facilitation training, again, I was lectured, "…it is important to ask a right question".

In life, most of the time that’s what we always face. You ask a wrong question, you’ll get a wrong answer. A right question. Damn!!! It haunts me these last days. There are so many questions in my mind, but what are they? What are my questions? My right questions…



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