Itu suara dari gebokan-gebokan yang menerpa minggu-minggu terakhir ini. The last couple of weeks have been a super duper busy weeks for me. And it won’t last until next month, I guess. Kadang walaupun kita sudah mempersiapkan segala sesuatunya secara matang dan kita pikir everything will be just fine, adaaaaa aja nitty gritty yang bikin kita harus sering-sering menghela nafas panjang. It’s not a mathematical world in which you can be sure that you will get perfect result if you put all variables in the equation. World does not work that way. Indeed. Being prepared of surprises is very very essential. Dan kadang kita harus sering-sering mengingatkan diri kita sendiri dan segera berdamai dengan situasi tersebut when encountered. But I always believe in process. If you process things fine, you’re 75% well done already. The good outcome will only be a logical consequence. And that’s, by the way, mathematical ;P

What a contradictory world….


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