how ‘handsome’ are you? ;P

Yesterday on my way back from meeting with some old friends, I was having this chat with my friend’s wife and her friend. There we were, talking about….well, merely everything I may say — from pollution in East Java, to how they both met each other, to a hot news about a mother who killed her children –that happens to be an alumni of our alma mater, to a story about this young attractive sexy gal who dates an average-looking guy who happens to be driving an expensive car.

The latter topic was quite interesting as it’s already become a kind of stereotype that it’s quite impossible for an average-looking guy to date a ‘bening’-goddess-like gal, unless he drives some expensive cars, or happens to be son of some big-shots. Now, it’s not the era of the beautiful dates the handsome, unless they’re both famous. The benchmark of how guys are considered as ‘handsome’ is somehow shifted to something beyond physical appearance –as my friend’s wife put it accurately ;P “…you see, **** (mentioning a famous young Indonesian formula 3 racer) is not handsome!”

Well, it was a Sunday afternoon chat so it must not be serious, right? ;P So instead of saying that there is in reality a beauty-and-the-beast-like love story (hehhehee…is there? now I doubt it…), I responded by telling this story from Oprah Winfrey’s show I watched lately. The show was having Michael Jordan as the guest star. Michael was there on the show (to promote his new sport-wardrobe by the way), accompanied by his best friend Charles Barkley. Charles was shown there as a ‘blak-blakan’ person and often teasing Michael –like saying how people are foolish by saying Michael is handsome. Well, I myself consider Michael Jordan is handsome (so is Denzel Washington). But Charles had other opinion. He said boldly, “If you have half-million dollars in your pocket, of course you are handsome”. And that –according to these days’ global standard—ehmm…was not totally wrong…heheheee……

Suddenly I could hear my idol was singing loudly in my ears, “…coz we are living in the material world…and I am a material girl…you know that we’re living in the material world, and I am a material girl…”

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