There are times when you realize that life is short. Twenty-four-slash-seven is never enough, when you take a glimpse on what’s piling up on your plate. Gosh…so little time so much to do, just like one of the song by I forget whom.

And here you go, far away from home, sitting in front of your laptop –you’re supposed to do some works but you end up writing a blog. Outside is not interesting either, grey..no sun…typhoon possibility. At this time an offer to go to a nearby beach sounds like a risk, eh?

Entering the end of the year everybody seems to be busy. Finishing up the works before a long holiday. Wow!!! Another year has passed. Really, time flies. No, I think time blinks. Thinking about this year, what have I achieved? I achieved some things I think (never underestimate yourself, that’s my principle). Friends that often meet me said that I become skinny and skinny. A long time friend said, I look exactly the same as a year ago –the last time I met her. They both may be right I don’t know.

What am I talking about? Penting nggak siiih? Am just writing what’s crossing my mind. My plate is still full and I am talking bullshit! My brain is still rejecting the ‘working mode’ that should be turned on by now. But It’s weekend anyway. I’ve promised to myself to gradually leave behind works or even a thought about work on the weekend (..but my plate is still full!!! HSSSSH!!! SHUT UP!!).

I remember what my friend (that ‘accused’ me of being a workaholic) once said, "WIll it be doomsday tomorrow if you don’t work today? It may be, it may be not. But if it’s doomsday tomorrow, there’s nothing you can do either, right?!". So today, I will just sit back, relax…and browsing around friendster site.


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