saya, aku, and gue

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote in English. I have experimented writing my blog in different styles, just to see how it is and how it feels for me. If I may share the feeling, it’s like me having several personalities.

I think it’s the advantage of living in Indonesia and using Bahasa Indonesia. Unlike other world’s major languages, here we use different ways or styles of speaking in different situation and context. For example, you can’t say ‘aku’ or ‘gue’ if you meet a high rank officials, you may be considered as rude, or ‘sok akrab’ (the official will say, ‘who are you gitu looohh…’). On the other hand, try to use ‘saya’ in your everyday life, for example with your gaul friends (especially here in Jakarta), then you may be called ‘katro’. So you act to be slightly different personality every time, right?

But there are also disadvantages. First, you don’t really know what the so called ‘the good and correct Bahasa Indonesia’ or Bahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar. Very often we get higher grade in English than in Bahasa Indonesia, right? It’s because the way we use the language in written and in verbal is quite different. That’s why most Indonesians find it difficult to write down what they think. The way we write is not the way we think. We usually use the verbal form of Bahasa Indonesia when we think, right?

That’s how Indonesian language works. It’s more than something you say, but it also defines how you think and act –your culture, basically.


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