why blogging

I was asked by friends: why blogging? There are so many reasons why people go blogging, from a very serious one like trying to sell something and earn money to a very simple one like ‘why not?’. And the latter I think is the reason why I write blog. As an opinionated person, I always have something to say about practically anything. I always have something in mind that can be very important or just merely bullshits. And I like to pour it down to any medium available –to other people’s ears, on a piece of paper/tissue, on my phone-recorder, on my journal, on email lists, anddd…on my blog.

So often friends asked, do I really have so much spare time that I am able to write the blog quite frequently. Different from what people think, I never plan before when I write something on my blog. It’s just like that. I don’t need special time just to say what I want to say, tell what I see or hear. So don’t be surprised if you find my writing is not systematical or jumping around from one topic to another. It’s because I just write what’s crossing my mind. If I don’t have anything to say, then I shut up. I don’t write.

I personally think blog is one of the ingenious inventions man ever found. It’s the ultimate freedom of expression. No one forbids you to write anything you want, say out loud anything you think, basically put anything you want to put. And for other people as well. They can drop by any blog they want and say anything they want on it (unless the owner erase the comments hehehe…then in this case, they may want to spam them with similar messages every now and then…not a bad idea, huh?…kidding!).

One article in a newspaper I read a while ago, said that blogging is the symbol of narcissism. A friend of mine stop blogging for a while because someone said to her similar thing. I think this is a very discouraging comment. I think writing blog or putting anything you like on public medium is a kind of liberation from a repressive system –education system for example.

Frankly, I am a product of a repressive education system. It’s not about physical repression, it’s more on the repression of the freedom of thinking. Since I was in elementary school until university, my generation had to undergo one-way teaching culture, when teachers were the only source of truth, when asking question was similar to stupidity, when raising your hand to ask question or to debate your teacher often needed some courage. That’s why we Indonesian is now behind other peoples, although we found that many Indonesians are really ingenious and smart. But what the use of that smartness if you can tell the world about it?

That’s why I think blogging can be one of the answer. By blogging you can say what you have in mind, you can share your dreams, your imaginations, your ideas…anything without being worried to be judged by other people. And if they gave a judging comment, you have choices: let the comments appear on your blog or just delete it…what the heck.

So go blog!!! Biar nggak goblok…*kidding!!!* ;p

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