A: So the one that your country will order is a new technology that has never existed before.
B: Let me make myself clear; so this thing has never been operated before? in any country?
A: Yes, your country will be the first in the world that will operate it.
B: You mean my country and my people will be the guinea pig of your unproven technology?
A: Eerrrrr…eh-hem…if you put it that way….yes, the test case.

It was like being slapped by a thunderstorm hearing such statement! So again that bloody fucking assholes (mind my language, i just can’t resist it) in a country called Indonesia risk their own people for what? For a couple of million of dollars of fee –for letting multibillion overseas business to invest? So that they have money to pursue their political interests? 2009 is approaching…you can’t run campaign using leaves from the trees, rite?

I wonder what do they have in mind at the moment –deciding to put that unproven controlled-atomic-bomb technology to sit on this rocking archipelago? Are they out of their minds? or just stupid? (Please don’t tell me that they’re out of their minds AND stupid).

Now I feel like I really really want to throw up….at their faces!!! Grrrrrr!!!


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