august rush

People need to hold on something in their life. And Evan Connelly a.k.a August Rush holds on music, the sound of the nature, the voice of the universe, to lead him finding his parents. Evan believes that somehow the music and the sound connect him with his parents, and finally bring his parents back to him.

August Rush is a film about music, in its very deep meaning. August says,”The music is all around us. What you have to do is listen.”

The film tells a story about August, an orphan by circumstances. He was born from a philharmonic orchestra’s cellist mother and a rock band’s guitarist father. So the music is in his blood, and has made him a musical prodigy. The couple was also met by the circumstances, on a rooftop of a building near the Washington Park of Manhattan, New York (seee….it’s New York again… My most favorite film setting). They were also unified by the music, played by a street musician that was wandering around the park.

Being afraid that the unwanted baby will ruin the career of his mother, his grandfather fake baby Evan’s death, saying to his mother that she had a miscarriage, and sent him to an orphanage.

All his lifetime August trains himself to be unified with the sound of nature and creates music of his own. He deeply listens to the sound of the grass, the chimes, the wind, and the rhythm of the city. He lives his life with hopes that someday his parents will hear his call, that’s whispered everyday and sent through the sound of the nature. His belief that the music will bring his parents back to him has made the universe resonant to his call.

A very must see film, you will watch it with your heart. It shows that indeed we are all connected. It’s just a matter of finding the right medium that the universe has provided us with.

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