shoe addict

Don’t get it wrong. I am not saying that I am addicted to buying shoes. I am not! (Well, unless there are some cheap nice pairs of course ha..ha..hha…). I just realize that I have a new ‘ritual’ every time I reach the shopping mall’s floor. The first thing I will do is going straight to the shoe counter, or looking for a shoe shop. Years ago, it used to be a book store! Well, people change, don’t they? ;p

I don’t know since when this new habit starts. What I know, trying on shoes is a kind of therapy for me. It eases my mind and gives a relaxing feeling. I am not really into clothes. But shoes…only God knows how I can resist the feeling.

When I was a kid, every time my parents brought us their children to a shopping mall, we would certainly go the book store. I and my siblings had our own library with many kind of books, from comics to detective stories, from Asterix and Lucky Luke to Agatha Christie’s to the stories of the muslim prophets and Indian stories of Mahabharata.

Until not long ago the habit was still there. There was a kind of urgent feeling that made me step into the book store. Just to look around and did some fast skimming to some interesting books. But now, I feel an urgent feeling to go to the shoe counter! Can you imagine? Now, I only go to the book store when I need to buy a certain book.

Not like some girls that like to try on their mothers’ shoes, I did not like to do that girly stuff when I was a kid. If not reading new books, my childhood was spent on riding the bicycle that I bought with my own money (half-half with my parents –they were always successful in making us do a tiny little effort first whenever we wanted some ‘luxury’ things) and went around our neighborhood (I still remember the name printed on its side, it’s Elle Moi. I used to pronounce it ‘elemoy’ hehehe…), or did some sports like swimming or playing badminton.

Well, maybe, this new habit of trying on shoes is a good sign: that my feminine-side-that-comes-late finally find its way out…hue..he..he… It should be cherished, rite? ;p


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