destination: phi-phi islands and around

No matter what, vacation is still something luxurious for most of us Indonesians, even to just visit areas inside Indonesia, which are by the way so tremendous and strikingly beautiful you will find it difficult to find top ten places you want to visit before you die (find my pick here).

So thank God last week I had a chance to have a semi-backpacking trip to one of the famous holiday destination in Southeast Asia, Phi-phi island and its surrounding. I and my friends managed to have a cost effective and efficient three-day tour around the area and enjoy most of the views you must see if you go to this area.

Traveling in Thailand for inexperienced foreigners like me, unlike in Indonesia, is quite easy. We took a 12-hour bus ride to go from Bangkok to Krabi, the nearest city to Phi-phi. Bus terminal in Bangkok is good, with no middle men following you and offering tickets, and quite comfortable, almost like Budget Airlines Terminal of Changi Airport in Singapore. We easily bought the tickets we need after getting sufficient information on options from the staff there as well.

So, in short, we survived the 12-hour ride (despite a bit back pain and uncomfortable sleep), and arrived in Krabi sound and safe.

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