biarkan kereta itu lewat, arini

Recognize that sentence? It’s a title of a movie back in the 1980s(??). Still remember it? And below are thoughts from friends that could reflect anybody’s situation:

[Andreas, from his desk at Harvard’s Lamont Library]

Why should Arini let the train pass?
What if it is the last train?
What if it is the best train?
Worse, what if not only it is not the last train, but it is also a very very bad train?
How should Arini decide to let it go or to hold on to it?


Does Arini need to leave the station if she lets the train pass?
Does she need to go back to the line for the next train?
Or she can just use the current ticket for the next train?


Can somebody tell Arini the exact schedule of the next train?
And whether they provide meals and drinks in that train?
And whether it is an express train or a regular one?

Should Arini trust the person who advises her to let the train pass?
What if the person is herself?
What if it comes from her own fear and insecurity?
Can she live with the regrets and consequences?

[VQ, from wherever he wrote this]

One thing’s for sure: If she doesn’t get on any train, it will take her nowhere.
Just get on the train, Arini, Leave all the details to God.

[me, from nowhere –virtually]

Eas, indeed, life is nothing but making choices, isn’t it?
Vick, what a wise remarks 😀 Anyway, arini can always get off the train at the next station if she doesn’t like the ride, right?


1 Comment

  1. Who is Arini, by the way?
    (just intend to emphasize generation gap between us :))

    I would rather have Arini to leave the train alone,
    Resembling the last catastrophes on any transportation vehicles,
    It might be better for her to postpone any travel for a while


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